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Let me write your website’s words.

Winning Content!

Compelling, thoroughly researched content that informs – and keeps your audience reading.

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Crystal Clear Copy.

Strong copy moves readers to take action ASAP.

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Brand Solutions.

Get a name, tagline, or slogan that augments your copy – and makes an inspiring first impression.

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Let’s Talk.

Hi, I’m Matt Cates!

I’ve partnered with over 300 amazing clients around the world including Indeed, Universities.com, G.I.Jobs, Gladeo.org, Ruby, Chegg, Herbaly Tea, LensDirect, China Light & Power, Gulf Breeze Recovery, and Protected At Work.

Let me tackle your project next!

In addition to being a writer with a Bachelor’s in History and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, I’m also a retired Air Force Knowledge Ops Manager (i.e., admin assistant and IT guy) and former Oregon State University courtesy faculty member.

My specialty is transforming dull, complex subject matter into easy-to-understand web content for everyday readers! I also love crafting persuasive website copy, eCommerce sales copy, and working on catchy brand names, taglines, slogans, and ads!

While I tend to focus on niches like higher education (colleges and college programs) and HR/career planning, etc., I have written authoritatively on countless topics.

Please feel free to check out the positive reviews on my Upwork profile and ask me anything!

Matt Cates