How to Make Money as a Writer These Days!

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There are several ways to make money as a writer in today’s digital age! Here are a few ideas to get started. I’ve tried every one of them, and so far, freelance writing has been the most for me. 

Freelance Writing

Businesses are in constant need of quality written content. Start offering your services as a freelance writer today! You can find clients on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. Building a strong portfolio and marketing your skills can help attract clients and increase your earning potential. Check out my article How to Make Money on Upwork – A Guide to Freelancing in 2023! to learn my tips and tricks!

Content Creation

Consider creating content for websites, blogs, or social media platforms. You can create your own blog and monetize it through ads (such as Amazon Affiliates) or contribute articles to established websites like Medium or Vocal, which allow writers to monetize their content based on the number of views or through a subscription model.


With the rise of e-books and online marketplaces like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can self-publish your own books and earn royalties on each sale. I’ve done this but didn’t have much luck with my own efforts. Still, this avenue provides you with control over your work and the potential to reach a global audience! The trick is writing something that people actually want to read and will pay money for. Non-fiction self-help books could be your best bet.


Copywriting involves writing persuasive content for advertising and marketing purposes. Many businesses require copywriters to create engaging sales pages, product descriptions, social media ads, and more. Developing strong copywriting skills can lead to lucrative opportunities, but copywriting requires a good sense of consumer psychology, an understanding of the product or service you’re writing about, and knowledge about the company’s customer avatar.

Technical Writing

If you have expertise in a technical field, such as software development, engineering, or medicine, you can pursue technical writing. Many companies require technical writers to create user manuals, documentation, and guides for their products or services. Try posting some articles online first to establish your reputation.

Writing for Magazines and Newspapers

Traditional print media still seeks well-written articles, but it may be getting harder than ever to break through. Look for opportunities to write for magazines, newspapers, or other publications that you actually read or are of interest to you. Research the submission guidelines and pitch your ideas to the relevant publications. Follow their instructions carefully!


Ghostwriters are hired to write on behalf of someone else who takes credit for the work…which can be depressing, but hey!

This can involve writing books, articles, blog posts, or even social media content. Finding clients who need ghostwriters can be done through networking, freelance sites, or your own website.


If you have a knack for storytelling, scriptwriting for television, film, or online platforms can be a lucrative venture. Perhaps the hardest of all the types of writing industries to get into, it’s also one of the most fun!

Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and structures of scriptwriting and consider submitting your work to production companies or participating in screenwriting competitions.

Remember, building a successful writing career requires persistence, continuous improvement, and effective self-promotion. It’s essential to hone your writing skills, build a network, and adapt to changing market trends to maximize your earning potential as a writer.

What Type Of Writing Pays The Most?

The earning potential in writing can vary depending on various factors such as your experience, niche, clients, and the platform you choose. While there isn’t a definitive type of writing that pays the most, certain areas tend to offer higher earning opportunities. Here are a few writing areas known for their potentially higher pay rates:

Grant Writing

Grant writers help organizations secure funding by creating compelling proposals. As grants often involve substantial funding, experienced grant writers can earn significant compensation.

Technical Writing

Technical writers specialize in creating complex, specialized content such as software manuals, scientific reports, or engineering documentation. Due to the specialized knowledge and skills required, technical writers can command higher pay rates.

Medical Writing

Medical writers produce scientific documents, research papers, regulatory submissions, and other materials for the healthcare industry. Medical writing demands a high level of expertise and pays well due to the specialized knowledge involved.

Content Writing for High-Paying Industries

Writing for industries like finance, law, technology, and business can potentially offer higher pay rates. These fields often require specialized knowledge and the ability to create quality content that resonates with their target audience.


While breaking into the screenwriting industry can be challenging, successful screenwriters can earn substantial amounts for their scripts, especially if they are commissioned by major studios or platforms.

Book Writing

While it can be difficult to make a substantial income solely from book writing, successful authors who achieve commercial success or sign lucrative book deals can earn significant royalties and advances.

Pay varies widely within each writing area, and depends on your experience, expertise, negotiation skills, and the specific projects or clients you work with. As you gain experience and develop a reputation for high-quality work, you can potentially command higher rates regardless of the writing niche you choose.

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