Is College Worth the Money?

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As many of you know I’ve been working closely with for the past couple of years! Recently I’ve done a short series of articles exploring the question of whether college is worth the money anymore or not. Of course, there’s no easy answer to that. 

As I just wrote in Preparing Students for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet, “Many of today’s graduates report that they went to school to get a good job, only to discover they didn’t learn the skills they’d actually need. This decline in satisfaction was noted by the Strada Center for Education Consumer Insights in their article Changing the Value Equation in Higher Education.” 

“Students majoring in Visual and Performing Arts, English, History, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Social Sciences were among the least satisfied in terms of how they viewed the career and cost values of their degrees. In contrast, Computer Science and Engineering majors found considerably more value in these areas.”

So, the value of a college degree is quite subjective and really depends on what you do with it…and what you consider to be “valuable.” 

In How to Tell Which Online Colleges Aren’t Worth It, I compare reputable online colleges versus degree mills that aren’t worth the money.

For students looking for a school that fits their lifestyle, check out my blog Look Beyond the Marketing: How to Evaluate a College’s Diversity Statistics, which offers great tips for helping students find the best fit based on research versus advertising hype. 

And then in Which Majors Won’t Earn You Enough to Pay Off Your Loans?, you’ll discover why college graduates struggle to pay off student loan debt—and what can be done to help! 

Explore Hot Careers and College Degrees

Another aspect of my work with Gladeo includes writing career profiles. Like, a LOT of career profiles. We’ve added several recently for hot jobs like AI Auditor, AI Ethicist, Prompt Engineer, and Machine Learning Manager. Below are a few more of our most recent profiles.

Agricultural Credit Manager CAM ProgrammerFood Technologist/Scientist
Agricultural EngineerCommercial Drone PilotForestry Technician
Agriscience TeacherEntomologist Merchandise/Retail Sales Manager
Aircraft DispatcherEquipment FabricatorMusic Manager / Music Producer
Animal BreederFarm and Ranch ManagerMusic Supervisor
Animal Caretaker/Kennel OperatorFeed Nutritionist Plant Scientist         
Bookers/Talent Buyers, MusicFish Hatchery TechnicianWater Quality Specialist

AI Jobs and The Future of Work

Speaking of AI, Gladeo has AI in the “spotlight” these days because it’s such a hot topic. 

Here are some recent posts I’ve done about AI!

“How do you educate students today for the jobs they’ll have tomorrow—when those jobs may not even exist yet?” Preparing Students for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet tells you! 

AI is impacting the daily lives of average workers. Find out How AI Just Disrupted Dozens of Career Fields (And What You Can Do About It)!

Want to put AI to work? Then check out How To Use AI For Career Readiness & Development

Gladeo’s platform also now features timely course content modules around the critical topics of AI and “future-ready” tech skills! 

New modules include:

  • The Importance Of Developing Skills And Engaging in Lifelong Learning
  • AI and Its Effect on the Working World
  • How To Use AI For Career Readiness & Development
  • Preparing Students for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet (COMING SOON!)

Want to learn more?

Gladeo is an inclusive career navigation solution! We empower educators and workforce developers to engage and prepare learners for careers with our configurable platforms, inclusive videos, enterprise cloud tools, and research-based online career development courses. Gladeo is proud to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise. 

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