6 of the Best “Worst” Science Fiction Movies You’ll Ever See

It’s a passion we share, you and I. Low-quality science fiction films, movies so bad that they’re fun to watch, mock, and over time, come to love intensely. It’s the reason you’re here. I know. I know… So here are our picks for the best worst science fiction movies to be found, floating out there online like undigestedContinue reading “6 of the Best “Worst” Science Fiction Movies You’ll Ever See”

Greatest Sci-Fi Protagonists

A look back at some of sci-fi literature’s most enduring heroes The literary multiverse has no shortage of would-be “heroes,” to use the term quite loosely. And when it comes to the wild and wooly genre of science fiction, it is practically a given that every story will feature some form of hero, antihero, orContinue reading “Greatest Sci-Fi Protagonists”

5 Micro Lessons for Content and Copywriting Freelancers!

Greetings, writers of the world! Not long ago, I was tutoring a younger writer who wanted to improve their copywriting. I made notes to review with her during our sessions, and want to share them with you, too!  So without further ado… Imagine you’re in a class. The teacher talks a lot and makes importantContinue reading “5 Micro Lessons for Content and Copywriting Freelancers!”

Let’s Talk About Strunk & White’s 11 Elementary Principles of Composition

Strunk and White’s “11 Elementary Principles of Composition” are still relevant and critical. I highly suggest learning and applying these concepts to your own work, no matter what type of writing you do.