Greatest Sci-Fi Protagonists

A look back at some of sci-fi literature’s most enduring heroes The literary multiverse has no shortage of would-be “heroes,” to use the term quite loosely. And when it comes to the wild and wooly genre of science fiction, it is practically a given that every story will feature some form of hero, antihero, orContinue reading “Greatest Sci-Fi Protagonists”

Let’s Talk About Strunk & White’s 11 Elementary Principles of Composition

Strunk and White’s “11 Elementary Principles of Composition” are still relevant and critical. I highly suggest learning and applying these concepts to your own work, no matter what type of writing you do.

Matt’s Step-by-Step Guide to How I Made Over $100,000 Freelance Writing on Upwork (and How You Can, Too…Maybe!)

Yes, you can make a lot of money on Upwork but it takes time and persistence. This guide will show you exactly how I earned over $100,000 and how you might be able to, as well.