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I’m Matt Cates, an Oregon-based content and copywriter with 280+ successfully completed projects from clients around the world.

Brand brainstorming can burn you up.

Don’t stress over your brand name, tagline, or slogan!

I love branding and would do it for free if I could afford to.

Under my Cates Content and Copywriting business, I’ve worked with numerous international clients to generate brand name concepts, catchy taglines, and killer slogans. From Japanese television to clothing and furniture stores, from pet suppliers to chocolate and cosmetics companies, smart phone apps, capital management firms, food distribution companies, real estate agencies, car dealerships, start-ups, Russian sock makers, Star Wars t-shirt designers, a Chinese furniture store, fitness gear manufacturers, a Canadian electric company, video game equipment makers, a NY-based food distribution business, a Texas property managers, a bikini maker in China, and many more!

I’m upfront about fees…and extremely competitive about pricing! I’m also flexible, able to offer hourly rates, per word, or flat rates for virtually any job.

Upon acceptance of a name, I ensure trademark availability and website domain name availability, if requested. Of course, I can do this crosscheck prior to submitting our draft list of names to you, but to save clients money, I recommend you review the list first so you’re not being billed for me to crosscheck names you’re not interested in. The goal is to save you money!

“Matt is a real pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him. He is a gifted and well disciplined writer who is also generous with his insight. I look forward to working with him again soon.”

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